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The Lean Chat Support Model Serves App Developers Best

Online chat boosts profitability in almost any market — if the market can support it.  For chat to work in mobile apps, that means it will be in-app, cloud-based, and with no SDK.

With the typical app costing over a quarter of a million dollars to develop and priced below 50 cents it’s easy to see why app developers might defer an expensive chat investment.[i] Yet it’s also true that online chat is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and boost profitability:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. (Bain and Co.)
  • The top two reasons for customer loss were: 1) Customers feel poorly treated, 2)Failure to solve a problem in a timely manner (Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow, 2010)
  • Over half of customers (57%) prefer to receive assistance by online chat versus other methods (eConsultancy)

The question is how to combine chat’s benefits with mobile’s economics. Margins are low; the number of competitors is high; update cycles are rapid; users’ attention is short; and loyalty is fleeting. Chat is great at engaging users and differentiating an app. (According to Harris interactive 75% of customers say it takes too long to reach a live customer agent.) But that only helps if chat can be provided quickly, at low cost, and in a way that keeps users’ attention focused on the app rather than elsewhere.

These requirements fit a lean chat model, one that is:


A cloud-based model means the developer need not build a chat infrastructure but instead can use one that already exists. That dramatically reduces both capital and operating costs, and facilitates rapid implementation and updates.


Rather than make the mobile user open a browser window to start a chat session, putting chat functionality in the app itself keeps the user’s attention in the app, thereby boosting retention.


Using an SDK (software development kit) to implement or update a function takes far more time and money than by using an API (application programming interface) approach instead.

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The result is a win-win. The user gets a better experience compared to other apps. That means less customer churn and higher profitability for the developer minus the out-of-pocket expense and implementation headaches of other approaches.

[i] Sources: Kinvey December 2014 Survey, Flurry Analytics (April 21013)

Next post will talk about churn …

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Purist-it Chat Support for Apps

In-App benefits is here!

In recent research by Interactive Advertisement Bureau , visit the report page  , half of US mobile users have used in-app tool to visit a website or a web link , the research also revealed 88% used app than a mobile web to reach information, this reports showing that apps is the preferred way of using the mobile,  but mobile web is important where information consuming is important to the user for quick needs on mobile data network .


The reports is also discussed how important to understand the mobile users journey , in-app will be a better user experience,  by utilizing the end mobile OS  to provide full information access in a small screen, but more focused and more targeted to app user benefits.

We expect that in-app functionality will grow as the same internet utilities grown, in-app payments, in-app stock ticker, in-app promotion, in-app support https://www.puristit.com , in-app FAQ, in-app social links , etc …

In-App is more convenient for end users and provide easier focused information or function access that the huge internet pages, with hundred of links in the same page,  end user do not have time to read and navigates.

We also have followed that trend, we provide in-app chat support like purist-it will ensure users is not losing focus on the app function or benefits , it natural for app to provide in-app services without compromising the app main purpose,  in a media app for example , can provide information to consumers with best practices for mobile  users , and provide simple button for live support by placing this link in the  app account menu , the mobile users will use the link when he needs support for billing, sales or technical support

in-app functions that provide tangible benefits to end user,  is important as the app itself,  www.puristit.com is the app developer friend for chat support

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