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The Lean Chat Support Model Serves App Developers Best

Online chat boosts profitability in almost any market — if the market can support it.  For chat to work in mobile apps, that means it will be in-app, cloud-based, and with no SDK.

With the typical app costing over a quarter of a million dollars to develop and priced below 50 cents it’s easy to see why app developers might defer an expensive chat investment.[i] Yet it’s also true that online chat is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and boost profitability:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. (Bain and Co.)
  • The top two reasons for customer loss were: 1) Customers feel poorly treated, 2)Failure to solve a problem in a timely manner (Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow, 2010)
  • Over half of customers (57%) prefer to receive assistance by online chat versus other methods (eConsultancy)

The question is how to combine chat’s benefits with mobile’s economics. Margins are low; the number of competitors is high; update cycles are rapid; users’ attention is short; and loyalty is fleeting. Chat is great at engaging users and differentiating an app. (According to Harris interactive 75% of customers say it takes too long to reach a live customer agent.) But that only helps if chat can be provided quickly, at low cost, and in a way that keeps users’ attention focused on the app rather than elsewhere.

These requirements fit a lean chat model, one that is:


A cloud-based model means the developer need not build a chat infrastructure but instead can use one that already exists. That dramatically reduces both capital and operating costs, and facilitates rapid implementation and updates.


Rather than make the mobile user open a browser window to start a chat session, putting chat functionality in the app itself keeps the user’s attention in the app, thereby boosting retention.


Using an SDK (software development kit) to implement or update a function takes far more time and money than by using an API (application programming interface) approach instead.

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The result is a win-win. The user gets a better experience compared to other apps. That means less customer churn and higher profitability for the developer minus the out-of-pocket expense and implementation headaches of other approaches.

[i] Sources: Kinvey December 2014 Survey, Flurry Analytics (April 21013)

Next post will talk about churn …

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Purist-it Chat Support for Apps

Top 5 reasons in-app chat support works for you

Top 5 reasons in-app chat support APIs will work for you

Enhancing the experiences of mobile users is always a priority for app developers , mobile is  personal devices , Purist it SaaS chat support platform, was designed to allow developers to add live chat support without big efforts , as a developers our self, we know how its frustrating to add functionality to a mobile project and learning new SDK or developing the full backend system , make living from mobile development means you have to find new ways to get your customers buying from you , in this blog we will try to give you the top 5 reasons you may need to tell your customers to include chat support in their apps:

#1 Simple APIs, only 5 minutes to integrate new or existing app.

Most live chat support system exists today designed for website visitor, with popup, Javascript codes, analytic codes, to name a few, it was designed in anonymous users era , were the visitor of the site was not yet knows and the website marketers want to generate the leads from anonymous user visit, mobile apps was designed to provide self-care, game, utility, product or services for end users, normally don’t have the same problem  , the  anonymous users era is fading out with mobile apps used to interact with existing  known users , those users have some problem to be solved , make the old style of website chat support works for mobile customer is not an option anymore , hence, chat support introduce SDKs asking apps to rewrite the app  for the SDK to fit the backend protocol, apps with huge budget may take this path to include chat, but most of the apps may not have the time or budget and needs simple way to integrates chat support , REST APIs a  simple and acceptable protocols for consuming services from backend system , during our design we decide to make it ultra-simple APIs, in fact, only 2 APIs that will do the job, see developers site for more info.

In the next post will show mobile digital engagement as new channel

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In App, what we can do more?

In-App  mobile services evolving everyday , apps love the cloud ,  new apps backend known as SaaS provides useful services to app customers , we are not exception , we design Purist it service to engage your customer with 1-to-1 chat for support , sales and general info , you business may fall in one of the following categories :

  • Self-Service App , provide information about customer account in telecos , utility or service industry in general
  • Product , service or brand that provide info about specific product features and need to engage in customer conversion about features , pricing, technical support.
  • Game apps , most of games want to engage customers in order to understand how to serve them better .
  • Business , Media and general purposes apps needs also to engage to understand customers

Chat is not new , the huge adaption of messages apps in the last 5 years  make it possible for app customer to understand why apps for self-service , product , game or business may have direct in-app chat support with push notification that already part of our everyday life , Purist it , well help provide simple chat functionality to new or existing apps, the simple integration build in the product allow lean and fast solution to app developers , we are developers by the way and we know how painful to use SDKs in mobile development , iOS , Android , Windows and other platform release  new update every 3-6 months , SDK sometime needs the same release schedule , Web APIs or REST APIs , all the time supported , our simple developer wiki  , introduce new simple approach to add live chat support from mobile

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