Users churns hearts , in-app chat reduce it

Apps is the new driving force for customer engagements , can your business afford to lose customers in 2016 ?

I’m sure that no one answer yes , apps is not only a new channel it’s “The Channel” , brands marketing efforts have more than 50 years of experiments trying to reach the 1-to-1 marketing goal, with the invention of SmartPhone nearly 1 out of 5 persons are using SmartPhone, your product or service  in your end customer hand, no middleman, no out-door sales to show your benftis and features, simple video can reduce your long unwanted cost, the marketing goal has reached, the customer now using  your product or services , the next step is to ensure the customer is not churning or you have enough reasons to keep him happy, and most likely to buy again or become your ambassadress for the next new customer.

Churn happes, no product or service in earth have zero churn level , your goal as a business to reduce the churn level, by listening to your customers , make necessary changes in your current process and align your workforce to response to customers fast and fast enough, speaking about fast, responsive live chat is proven technology , easy and inexpensive method , apps have two choices :

  1. Invest in full chat support platform.
  2. Use cloud services chat support services.

The choice of full chat support platform is more suitable for products or services with existing support centers or dedicated support agent that afford to add mobile channel live chat support , see our self-care options ,   “chat support for self-care projects” .

Cloud base services are their to support 1-to-1 live chat , your choices of choosing what best fits your need should be framed with following questions:

  1. Dose the services easy to integrate with my app ?
  2. Dose the services compromise my own brand , customers think its my own chat support platform and showing commitment to support them?
  3. Dose my app lucked-in ? do I have freedmen to change later?
  4. Can I have my full chat support platform later when I grow without breaking my banks account?
  5. Is this costing arm & leg to start with monthly license fees ?

Making a good choice to reduce churn start with listening to your customer voice,  we made this type of commitments for apps at , a simple REST APIs that ensure  adding live chat support to apps an easy and painful experience with 5 minutes work!

PuristSoft Team

Enas E. Hamdan,

Marketing executives

PuristSoft Inc.

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