Business Apps are growing

In recent reports about the app economy by AppFigures business app is one of the top categories in the iOS app store , other study also shows that business not yet having app they are planning to have apps and as soon as possible.

That is natural for a large or a small business  , business want to be found to provide best services for their customers, also its not anymore a big project with high expensive engineers, the HTML option can make any business found in the app stores with less efforts, the number of cross-platform apps makers also growing everyday, as a chat API SaaS providers, we have customers coming from the apps makers providers using Purist-it chat support API for business apps.


Business app focused in self-care, this category was one of the first services used by telecom industry and banking, 5 years back when smartphone gets momentum, in today simple apps development and apps makers tools having a self-care app for a small business is reachable for any small business budget.

Self-care apps must provides easy and conveniences services for end customers, in today mobile first world, its important to give all the support they needs,  direct from the mobile, in case they need help you should always be ready with direct in-app chat, a customer having a problem in a self-care app should not leave the app to use phone support, or send email ticket, using a simple REST API chat support apps can start with a great core services that customers needs and standby agent to help customer when they need live human support.


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