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The digital economy means personalized services it’s not enough organizations have a web or app presence with no direct interaction with consumer, it’s hard to imagine a mobile app for a product or services that does not provide the customer with personalized services , in recent tech vision the leading technology large group,  they have envision that mobile app leads the digital experience for consumers in 2015 and behind.

Every product or service organization have must embrace the change and include personalized service from the apps, while most organizations still moving only from web to app , they don't provide 1-to-1 experience to end consumers, at the minimum, the app should provide the product technical support issues addressed in personalized experience , app chat support is one of the best easy ways to provide such experience, it was proven on the web and logically it will do for apps,  beside the most used apps in the world today is messaging apps, this means the end consumers already knows this channel and still do not understand why businesses  do not provide the same experience , a 1-to-1 messaging is  more engaging and more efficient and cost effective  for both consumer and  product/service providers.

The best of mobile app messaging service is push notification, which provide stateless delivery in the time convenient for consumer without keeping the customer waiting in the queue, for example, a medical equipment company , may have instructions for how to use the product , but imagine a companion app could be more useful with video and audio plus direct chat support with product expert to solve consumer problem instantly , by allowing the customer to ask direct questions and provides guidance it will be more engaging and more  benefiting consumer time and money , the results satisfied  customer that will be a product ambassador to other prospects clients, a full personalized experience may embrace with app revolution , we imagine that every consumer products in the near future will have app, however, only apps that engage customer will truly have better product live .

We designed our chat support product Purist-it with this mindset, a digital experience start with engaging customer, we help apps provide easy chat support without the hassles of SDKs integration or huge investment and long learning curve.

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