Mobile Customer Experience in 2015

Most of us agrees that “Mobile First” in 2015 will be the dominate topic of the  year , apps everywhere , the customer experience have evolved with powerful devices and no one can ignore how important a good customer experience in a small screen , I have been part of many early stages java apps to the modern smartphone from Symbian  days to iOS and Android today , no one predicted that these devices will have such computing power  and will be used almost for everything , now businesses not only having a mobile First strategy ,  the questions will be asked?

  1. How this app will interact with customer?
  2. What is the best customer journey for my app customer?
  3. What can I do to support the journey from the backend , system , process and procedures?
  4. How fast to response to customer needs?

We are living in a very fast world , moving fast to ensure customers are happy is now more important that any other function we do in our business , we should look into mobile first as the ultimate goal to achieves customer satisfaction , SME business may not afford  to ensure all touch points are consistence and optimized for mobile first strategy , but for sure they can add “live Chat Support for mobile ” for that we have created Live Chat Support Purist it is a simple way to operates as big business with live chat support

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