In App, what we can do more?

In-App  mobile services evolving everyday , apps love the cloud ,  new apps backend known as SaaS provides useful services to app customers , we are not exception , we design Purist it service to engage your customer with 1-to-1 chat for support , sales and general info , you business may fall in one of the following categories :

  • Self-Service App , provide information about customer account in telecos , utility or service industry in general
  • Product , service or brand that provide info about specific product features and need to engage in customer conversion about features , pricing, technical support.
  • Game apps , most of games want to engage customers in order to understand how to serve them better .
  • Business , Media and general purposes apps needs also to engage to understand customers

Chat is not new , the huge adaption of messages apps in the last 5 years  make it possible for app customer to understand why apps for self-service , product , game or business may have direct in-app chat support with push notification that already part of our everyday life , Purist it , well help provide simple chat functionality to new or existing apps, the simple integration build in the product allow lean and fast solution to app developers , we are developers by the way and we know how painful to use SDKs in mobile development , iOS , Android , Windows and other platform release  new update every 3-6 months , SDK sometime needs the same release schedule , Web APIs or REST APIs , all the time supported , our simple developer wiki  , introduce new simple approach to add live chat support from mobile

{PuristSoft Team}